This way is temporary support to Gutenberg for Metabox in a WordPress classic plugin

クラシックなプラグインでメタボックスを使用していたら保存ができなくなったので暫定的な対処をしてみた。Gutenberg 4.1.1, WordPress 5.1 alpha

spinner is moving…

How to add Gutenberg block with JavaScript on WordPress

JavaScript でブロックを追加する / insert a block with JavaScript

Tiled Gallery Carousel Without JetPack (ver.3.0) WordPress Plugin, Gallery option ‘link: none’ to be enabled.

tiled-gallery-carousel-without-jetpack/tiled-gallery.php, line number 265.


WordPress で sanitize_text_field するときのメモ


Test, Using Markdown in WordPress. Call PHP Markdown Library from WordPress.

1. Download PHP Markdown Libraries, uncompress and into directory.
1. Add plugin file “markdown-wb.php”.
1. Be placed to plugins folder and activate.

Use three libraries:

Name | Version
[PHP Markdown Lib]( | 1.7.0
[cebe/markdown]( | 1.1.3
[Parsedown]( | 1.6.0


Directory Tree: